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Farming Together – a resource for primary producers to help you value-add, build marketplace strength and boost returns.

What we’re about

Lifting on-farm profitability by boosting collaborative groups, cooperatives and collective bargaining. The Australian Government has invested $14,934,000 (including GST) into Farming Together, the two-year Farm Co-operatives and Collaboration Pilot Program.

What’s in it for you?

Your great idea gets personalised feedback and guidance from a business expert. If your idea shows promise, it will be considered for Farming Together funding to help bring your idea to fruition. Funds can be used for product marketing, consultancy and research and development.

What’s the process?

Register online with your idea to kick-start your concept and we’ll get back to you by the close of the week. You need to be an Australian citizen farming to ATO-recognised guidelines. is a registered domain of the Farming Together project.

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