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Farming Together – a resource for primary producers to help you value-add, build marketplace strength and boost returns.

What we’re about

Lifting on-farm profitability (at the farm gate and into the supply chain) by providing expert support and financial assistance to collaborative groups and cooperatives. The Australian Government has invested $14,934,000 (including GST) into Farming Together, the two-year Farm Co-operatives and Collaboration Pilot Program.

What’s in it for you?

Your great idea gets independent professional advice, feedback and guidance from business experts in a variety of fields. If your idea shows promise, it will be considered for Farming Together funding to help bring your idea to fruition.
Find out more about >> How Farming Together Works.

All farmer group projects are required to form a legal entity to accept funds.
Find out more about >> How to choose the right business structure for your project.

What’s the process?

Register online with your idea to kick-start your concept and we’ll get back to you by the close of the week. You need to be an Australian citizen farming to ATO-recognised guidelines. is a registered domain of the Farming Together project.

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