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Co-op Manual

Co-operatives in Australia – a manual

Farming Together supports projects with various structures and business models: formal and informal collaborations; incorporated associations (for profit and not-for-profit); partnerships; companies; collectives; and co-operatives.

The co-operative model is a powerful workhorse for social-good, with a long history of success in Australia.

If you are interested in joining or starting a co-op, or if you are already a member of, or managing a co-op, then Co-operatives in Australia – a manual… is essential reading.

Updated in 2017 by Co-ops NSW, this manual is a simple-language guide for anyone wanting comprehensive understanding of the co-operative business model. There are sections to help you understand what co-ops are and how (and why) to start a new co-op. Find out how a co-operative is planned and managed, how to deal with changes, including ending membership and closing.

Download your copy of Co-operatives in Australia – a manual.